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Safety and Emergency Response Programs  

Fremont Maritime Services has merged its wide range of USCG-approved basic training and safety programs, including its renowned India Tango Marine Firefighting Training Program, into MITAGS-PMI.

It is extremely important to us that our customers receive the same great service that Fremont has been providing over the many years, and it is our intent to make this transition as seamless as possible.

The Fremont courses are now offered in addition to the Safety and Emergency Response programs offered in both our Baltimore and Seattle campuses. See Course List

The majority of mariners are looking for information on:

To alleviate confusion as to what is Revalidation vs. Refresher, please see a brief explanation below.

  • Revalidation — Required for all mariners to keep your Basic Training and Advanced Firefighting certificates valid.
  • Refresher — Only for Mariners that do not have one (1) year of sea-time within the last five (5) years. However, these courses meet the requirement for revalidation.

Maritime Training and Courses

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Course List: 

  Resources: Guide to STCW Certification

What Is STCW Basic Safety Training?

The Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW), which the International Maritime Organization (IMO) established in 1978, designates a set of minimal international training standards for professional mariners. The intention of STCW training programs, previously known as STCW 95 training courses, is to promote the safety of life and property at sea, as well as ensure protective measures for the marine environment.

Our STCW-compliant courses include training for the following:

  • Basic Firefighting
  • Personal Survival Techniques
  • Personal Safety
  • Social Responsibilities
  • Elementary First Aid

Basic training (BT) also intends to familiarize mariners with new technologies aboard vessels, which can provide you with a competitive advantage over other candidates. It also combats the economic disadvantage of crews of convenience, which are often lacking the necessary training needed to comply with the STCW standards that all major maritime countries, including the U.S., support.

Our list of STCW 95 training courses are all approved and compliant with the standards of the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG). Want to learn more about STCW - Read our guide

Who Must Take an STCW Training Program Course

Per the STCW, the following individuals must complete an STCW training program:

  • Personnel operating vessels outside the territorial boundary line, defined in the U.S. as three miles off the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts and 12 miles off the Gulf of Mexico. 
  • Personnel working on foreign or international voyages
  • Personnel operating vessels exceeding the 200 Gross Register Tonnage (GRT) or 500 Gross Tonnage (GT) International Tonnage Convention (ITC)

As noted above, candidates for refresher and revalidation STCW courses include:

  • Mariners with less than one year of sea-time in the last five years
  • Mariners with soon-to-be expired BT and AFF certificates

After completing your USCG-approved STCW courses, you will request an STCW endorsement for your Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) to begin your career. 

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Types of STCW Training Programs

We offer several STCW courses in Baltimore, Maryland and Seattle, Washington. Classifications of our STCW training programs include:

Explore our STCW course list to see our complete curriculum.

STCW Course Locations

Our STCW course locations extend from coast to coast to meet the needs of mariners across the U.S. campuses that offer STCW basic safety training courses, including:

  • Seattle, Washington
  • Linthicum Heights, Maryland

If you require a refresher or revalidation STCW training program, we offer both STCW courses outside of Baltimore, Maryland and in Seattle, Washington. BST costs vary by course type, level and duration, as well as location and date. An STCW 95 training program, for example, carries a higher price than an STCW refresher or revalidation training program due to its length and design for a different skill level.

Find a USCG-Approved STCW Course Near You

At MITAGS-PMI, we provide merchant mariners with comprehensive, USCG-approved STCW courses that offer hands-on training, as well as firsthand experience with the latest technologies. This ensures that you're not only a competitive candidate to regional and national maritime employers, but also an asset to any vessel. To learn more about our award-winning services and more than four decades of experience, or to discover an STCW course near you, browse our list of STCW courses or contact us today.