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Maritime Apprenticeship Programs

Maritime Apprenticeship Programs


This program fulfills all of the STCW-95 training. This two-year program is specifically designed for the entry-level person interested in becoming an officer. Comprised of 32 weeks of classroom / simulation training and a minimum of 52 weeks onboard training which will be documented in a 'Training Record Book'.

Program Overview

For the Seatime training of this program the candidate will interview with reputable companies around the US. MITAGS-PMI facilitates this process with Maritime Partner Companies who have signed on with the program. The applicant remains with a selected company throughout the entire program. During the initial interview with MITAGS-PMI Maritime Apprenticeship Programs the candidate will select which part of the industry s/he prefers. The Program Manager or the Student Services Coordinator will be of assistance throughout this process.

Upon successful completion of the program the apprentice will either hold a Third Mate of Oceans on self-propelled vessels of unlimited tonnage.

Additionally they will hold:

  • Able Bodied seaman-Limited
  • Lifeboatman
  • Radar Observer-Unlimited
  • Ratings forming Part of a Navigational Watch
  • Able Seafarer-Deck (only for third mate apprentices)
  • Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems-radio operator
  • Vessel Security Officer
  • Mate of Towing (if apprenticing on tugboats)

To start the process, please visit Review the web site in detail to better determine if this career is right for you To download a brochure with more information, please click here.