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Workboat Academy

Workboat Academy Program


This program fulfills all of the STCW-95 training. This two-year program is specifically designed for the entry-level person interested in becoming an officer. Comprised of 32 weeks of classroom / simulation training and a minimum of 52 weeks onboard training which will be documented in a 'Training Record Book'.

Program Overview

Sea time training is completed in conjunction with contracts that MITAGS-PMI have drawn up with reputable maritime companies in the area. While training on the vessel, the candidate is paid a stipend, which will vary with the company used.  Once a trainee has completed this program and tested with the USCG they will receive the following endorsements:

  • Rating Forming Part of a Navigational Watch
  • Able Seaman Limited
  • Mate 500 GRT Oceans
  • Mate 1600 GRT Near Coastal
  • Mate of Towing Endorsement
  • STCW95 Certificate OICNW on Vessels 200 GRT (500 GT) or more
  • One Year of Sea Service Credit for Following an Approved Program of Training.

To start the process, please visit Review the web site in detail to better determine if this career is right for you To download a brochure with more information, please click here.