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Simulation Capabilities & Facilities

Simulation Capabilities and Facilities

MITAGS-PMI have Simulation Research capabilities at our campuses in Baltimore, Maryland and Seattle, Washington.

Our team of experts, strategic partners and simulation facilities are unequaled.

To learn more, please see our Simulaiton Facilities and Capabilities Guide.

Please see below virtual tours and videos of our Simulators.

You can also take a virtual tour of the MITAGS Simulator (one of the World's largest Simulator installations) by clicking here.

"At least one of the pilots who shared the PMI simulator time with me has had occassion to use the anchor for maneuvering when current overwhelmed the tugs.  He stated that the ship behaved exactly as expected, judging from what he had experienced in the simulator.  Due to his experience in the simulator, he didn't hesitate to use the anchor with a high level of confidence.”