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Complete all your maritime training, from AB to Mate Program to Advanced Escort Training in one place at MITAGS/PMI. Whether you are just getting started in the maritime industry or are well on your way to a Captain's License, we have a training program that will take you to the next level. The Maritime Institute provides comprehensive maritime training that is focused on your success far beyond the classroom.

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"I cannot say enough about the staff of MITAGS-PMI and their quality training products. Their staff is technically competent and very responsive which makes their training programs superior to their competition. I have been impressed with the personalized service with every training program I have attended. MITAGS-PMI is truly dedicated to their customers and their customer’s success. MITAGS-PMI has always been ready to serve us with their long years of experience; just as we service the States of New York and New Jersey since 1694. "

Henry Mahlmann, President, Sandy Hook Pilots Association