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In addition to Vocational Programs, such as our AB to Mate, Chief Mate to Master, and Workboat Mate programs, MITAGS-PMI continues to offer individual courses for mariners. Our individual courses are offered for those mariners wishing to either renew or upgrade their licenses. While some of these courses are offered within one or more of our programs, we still offer them on an individual basis and they are on the schedule regularly.

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" I wanted to convey my thanks for the training I received at PMI this past winter by offering a recent situation I was involved with in the early morning of August 15th, 2010. While working on the NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson north of Key West, we received an urgent request for assistance from USCG Sector Key West stating that an aircraft had crashed in the seas 35 miles north of Key West. As the Thomas Jefferson steamed at full speed for 3 hours to the scene, the personnel who have received SAR training started to calculate the current and drift for the accident site. We calculated that our position of highest probability was 2 miles south west of the FAA Radar position given. As we arrived on station at 0100, we developed a plan to first transit dead into the current 3 miles down current of the last known position of the aircraft, progress to the last known position and finally return to the point 2 miles down current and start a spiral search pattern. We were searching for 10 minutes when two of our lookouts heard yelling from our port side. Immediately the general alarm was sounded, a life ring with a strobe and smoke were dropped and a four man crew including myself deployed aboard the ship's Fast Rescue Boat. When we got around the ship we did not see the victim and thus started a zig zag search pattern extending away from the port side of the ship. After two minutes of searching, I spotted our victim dead ahead of the FRB. We brought him aboard and started medical evaluation of him and found only a minor cut on his chin. While we did this, the nearest Coast Guard asset made its way to take our victim aboard and promptly started to ask us how we were able to spend 16 minutes on scene and make the rescue while they had had no luck in 5 hours.

To all at PMI, Bravo Zulu. Your excellent training allowed me to strike out on a rescue mission with the confidence that we would be successful. We were much more successful than anyone could have imagined. I have included below a link to a news article involving the accident. Thank you very much,.”

Jonathan Anderson,