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"Before I took your class I knew basically nothing about these ASDs; I jumped on the tractor tug the other day and applied what u taught me and wham!! Pulled it off like I knew what I was doing!! Pretty cool feeling!!! Thanks!"

Capt. Rip Claunch

Z-Drive/ASD Tug Training (Z Drive/TTT)

Individual Course / Program


3 Days

Training Method



Full Mission Simulation




Mate or Master of Towing Vessels

Individual Course


Part of Program


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Course Description

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This course is primarily for experienced workboat officers that have little or no experience with ASD Z-Drives. This course combines lecture, simulation, and a comprehensive Z-Drive Workbook over a three-day period.

Course Subjects:

  • Principles of Z-Drive Tug Design
  • Z-Drive Mechanical Systems
  • Principles of Z-Drive Tug Maneuvering
  • Fundamentals of Light Tug Handling
  • Communications
  • Troubleshooting
  • Fundamental Barge Maneuvers
  • Light tugs Maneuvers - with or without current
  • Z-Drive Competency Evaluation

This course may be customized to incorporate company policies and procedures and / or combined with other training. It may also be taught offsite. For more information on how MITAGS-PMI can develop a “turn-key” training solutions for your organization, please call 1-866-656-5569 or e-mail

Prerequisites- Mate or Master of Towing Vessels.

Suggested Courses/Skills- None.

What You Will Learn

  • Theory and use of tractor tugs in the escort mode
  • Theory, use, and operation of Kamewa joystick steering

Course Dates

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PMI - Seattle, WA


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