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Vessel, Company & Facility Security Officer (VSO/VCF) (VCF-VSO)



3 Days

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Course Description

This 3 day course covers Vessel/Ship, Company, and Facility Security knowledge and skills that are necessary to work efficiently and safely as a security supervisor. Students will learn about security procedures, and be able to determine correct initial actions, lead a security team, and take tactical command in the event of a security breach of their facility or aboard their vessel. This course is designed to comply with the following regulatory requirements: Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002; U.S. Coast Guard regulations contained in 33 CFR Chapter I Subchapter H; Chapter XI-2 of SOLAS 74 as amended, the IMO ISPS Code; and Sections A-VI/5 and A-VI/6 of the IMO STCW Code, as amended. This course is designed to reflect standards set forth by the MTSA VSO and FSO Model Courses and the IMO SSO, CSO and PFSO Model Courses.

Prerequisites- None.

Suggested Courses/Skills- Should have TWIC, MMC, or other valid Goverment Identification.

What You Will Learn

-Current security threats and patterns

-International and national regulations and policies

-Duties and responsibilities of maritime security officers, governments, and owners/operators

-Risk analysis process based on available threat assessments, intelligence information, and history

-Components of a port facility and vessel security plan

-Methods to recognize and detect security threats

-MARSEC Levels and Incident Response

-Types of security equipment, including usage, maintenance, and information resources

-Security measures for handling cargo

-Training, drill, and exercise requirements

-Security administration, including audits, inspections, and recordkeeping

Course Dates

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PMI - Seattle, WA


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