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Risk-Based Internal Auditing (INT AUDIT)

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2 Days

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Course Description

This 2-day workshop will explore best practices to ensure systematic and disciplined approaches to risk-based internal auditing in order to evaluate and improve processes and management system effectiveness. It is designed for all sectors of the maritime industry and is geared toward shoreside and vessel personnel, seasoned and veteran auditors alike. This course combines in-depth knowledge with a practical approach to assist with auditor selection, retention, and performance criteria.

All  Sectors: This course meets the requirements of ISM Code 1.2.2,  12.2, 12.3, 12.4, 12.5; ISO 9001: 2008 8.2.2; and OHSAS 18001:2007

Tug and Barge: This course meets the requirements of AWO RCP II.G.

Prerequisites- None.

Suggested Courses/Skills- None.

What You Will Learn

  • Define Purpose, Authority, and Responsibility of Risk-Based Internal Auditing
  • Describe Risk-Based Internal Auditing Objectives
  • List Inherent Elements of a Good Auditor
  • Identify Risk-Based Internal Auditor Qualifications and Key Competencies (KSAs)
  • Develop and Implement a Plan for the Risk- Based Internal Auditing Team’s On-Going Professional Development
  • Identify Quality Audits to Ensure Consistency of Results
  • Explain Risk-Based Internal Audit Processes
  • Develop a Risk-Based Internal Auditor Toolbox
  • Establish a Framework for Assessing Risk
  • Develop Criteria against which to Audit
  • Verify and Validate Documents and Records
  • Conduct a Successful Interview
  • Assess Performance Measurements
  • Write a Meaningful Risk-Based Internal Audit Report
  • Determine Appropriate Follow-up Activity
  • Identify Common Audit Mistakes
  • Promote Quality Assurance & Improvement of Risk-Based Internal Auditing

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