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Radar OICNW Assessments (ROR-ASSESS)

Individual Course / Program


0.5 Days

Training Method

Practical Assessment




Desktop Computer


Knowledge of subject required.

Individual Course


Part of Program


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Course Description

These are the Radar Assessments for Officer In Charge of a Navigational Watch.  These assessments are completed in the electronic navigation lab. 

The assessments are:

OICNW-3-1A    Set up and maintain a radar display
OICNW-3-1B    Switch display modes
OICNW-3-1C    Identify false echoes, sea return, racons and SARTs
OICNW-3-1D    Determine range and bearing
OICNW-3-1E    Determine risk of collision
OICNW-3-1F    Determine DRM, SRM, CPA, and TCPA
OICNW-3-1G    Detect speed and course changes of other ships
OICNW-3-1H    Change course to control target DRM
OICNW-3-1I     Change speed to control target DRM
OICNW-3-1J     Determine true course and speed of target vessel
OICNW-3-1K    Parallel indexing
OICNW-3-1L    Determine DRM, SRM, CPA and TCPA

Students wanting only one assessment must complete the full package that contains the assessment. There will be no single, individual stand-alone assessments offered.  We strongly suggest students take our full equivalent classes (list and link to our other classes) if at all in doubt of successfully completing the assessment. If a student fails any assessment in the package, they will need to take the entire package over again at full price, should they choose to try the assessment again. Because these are assessments ONLY, not classes, the standard PMI course failure policy does not apply to any of the assessment packages.

Prerequisites- Knowledge of subject required.

Suggested Courses/Skills- See NVIC 0214.

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