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Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (BT-PSSR)

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Course Description

This course (MITPMI-359) is designed to train all seafarers in complying with emergency procedures, preventing pollution of the marine environment, observing safe work practices, fostering clear and effective communications aboard the ship, and maintaining good working relationships. This course is also part of the Basic Safety Training course. This module is one of the four elements (first aid and CPR, fire-fighting, personal survival, personal and social responsibility) necessary for STCW 2010 Basic Training (BT).  BT is required for all mariners with safety or emergency duties sailing on vessels 200 GRT tons or greater on near coastal or ocean voyages.

This course satisfies the following STCW 2010 and CFR training requirements:

  • Section A-VI/1 and Table A-VI/1-4 of the STCW Code, as amended 2010
  • 46 CFR 11.302(a)(4) and 12.602(a)(4)
  • The following Tasks from NVIC 08-14: 5.1.A, 5.2.A, 5.2.B, 5.3.A, 5.3.B, 5.4.A, 5.5.A, 5.6.A, 5.6.B, 5.6.C, 6.1.A, 6.2.A, 6.2.B, 7.1.A, 7.1.B, 7.2.A, 7.2.B, 7.3.A, 7.4.A, 7.5.A, 7.5.B, 8.1.A, 8.1.B, 8.2.A, 8.3.A, 8.3.B, and 9.1.A;
  • The following Task from NVIC 12-14: 19.4.A

What You Will Learn

To acquaint professional mariners with the basic principles of safety, teamwork, and social responsibility in the shipboard environment

  • compliance with emergency procedures
  • how to observe safe working practices
  • precautions necessary to prevent pollution to the marine environment
  • how to understand orders and be understood in relation to shipboard duties

What You Should Bring

  • Closed toed shoes

Course Dates

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MITAGS - Linthicum Heights, MD


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