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“Development of the Navigation Skills Assessment Program (NSAP®) required the application of psychometric principles and procedures as specified by Progeny Systems Corporation (PSC), which were in accordance with technical, professional, and legal standards. Reliable and valid assessment policies ensure that the performance assessments of deck officers in the NSAP® program are based on job-related criteria as defined
by work analysis led by Dr. Hertz (Applied Psychologist at PSC) who is trained as an industrial-organizational psychologist.”

– Progeny Systems Corporation


“I have recently been assessed at MITAGS-PMI through their the Navigation Skills Assessment Program®.  The NSAP® was by far the best and most enjoyable maritime educational challenge of my career. I literally can't wait to do it again. It made me realize the $20K in courses and all the time spent in obtaining my 1600 Ton Oceans was worth it.  The program not only showed me where I need to focus my attention on, it highlighted my skills and strengths.”
Dan Schweitzer, USCG Mate 1600 Tons Oceans 

Navigation Skills Assessment Program (NSAPĀ®)

Individual Course / Program


2 Days

Training Method

Full Mission Simulation/De-brief


Ship, Tug, OSV, Ferry


Chart or Voyage Plan


Merchant Mariner License

Individual Course


Part of Program


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Course Description

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This innovative Navigation Skills Assessment Program utilizes custom simulation scenarios and assessment criteria based on a company's defined knowledge and skill requirements to objectively measure the mariner's performance. The results: Knowledge and skill gaps are identified and recommendations are made.

Areas assessed during the simulation include:

  • COLREGS / Rules of the Road
  • Situational Awareness
  • Bridge Resource Management
  • Company Policies and Procedures
  • Communication
  • Systems

Performance at each measurement point is rated: Highly Effective; Effective; Not Effective; and, in some cases Unsatisfactory. using a numerical point scale.

A comprehensive report is generated at the end of each assessment session for review purposes. This report includes the evaluator(s) observations and comments for each attendee and general recommendations that address the individual's knowledge and skill gaps. Observations and recommendations may include further training or implementation of additional company policies and procedures.

This Navigation Skills Assessment Program provides a safe and meaningful experience for mariners to improve on their performance, especially if the company has recently experienced an incident.

This solution is surprisingly affordable, please contact Gregg Trunnell at 206 719-2801 or by e-mail at for a customized solution.

Please call for references from companies that have utilized this system to identify risk.

Prerequisites- Merchant Mariner License.

Suggested Courses/Skills- None; Employer Requirement.

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