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Integrated Electronic Navigation - Best Practices (IEN)

Individual Course / Program


3 Days

Individual Course


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Course Description

This course is designed as a as a refresher for anyone currently operating as a qualified Mate and/or Master. Participants should have attended USCG approved Radar and ARPA courses.  At the end of the course, the learner, while standing a watch on a bridge equipped with a RADAR/ARPA, ECS and AIS, will prioritize, integrate and correlate electronic and visual data for navigation and collision avoidance, such that the learner's actions and decisions are made with regard for the distinct limitations and advantages of each piece of electronic equipment.

Prerequisites- STCW OICNW or Management level certification.

Suggested Courses/Skills- None.

What You Will Learn

Students will demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and proficiency in the use of electronic navigation on by intensive simulator exercises.


The expected learning outcomes are the student;


  •  can apply best practices for Radar tools for navigation
  •  can apply best practices for Radar tools for collision avoidance
  •  can apply best practices for ARPA settings and tools
  •  can interpret GPS/DGPS settings and outputs
  •  can interpret and demonstrate the use of AIS settings and displays
  •  can apply best practices for ECS/ECDIS  settings and functions
  •  can harmonize and integrate the skills/tools of best practices across systems and develop an effective and consistent measure of data to complete the mariners decision loop.

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