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Global Maritime Distress & Safety System (GMDSS) (GMDSS)

Individual Course / Program


10 Days


USCG NMC, Bahamas Maritime Authority

Training Method

Lecture and Practical Demonstration


MITAGS uses GMDSS simulation.


MITAGS uses a GMDSS Simulator. PMI uses 3 live A3 consoles: SEA & Furuno equipment.



Individual Course


Part of Program


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Course Description

This course (MITPMI-210) is required by persons assigned to operate GMDSS equipment onboard STCW mandatory vessels. This course provides professional mariners with a complete understanding of GMDSS theory and equipment. The MITAGS-PMI Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) Course is designed to provide mariners with a comprehensive overview of radio and satellite communications as well as the proper and legal operation of marine radio communication equipment. Additionally, it provides specific information on the use of Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and emergency communications and operations in compliance with U.S. Coast Guard and IMO requirements.

This course satisfies the following STCW and CFR training requirements;

  • 46 CFR 11.305(a)(3)(viii); 46 CFR 11.307(a)(3)(viii); 46 CFR 11.309(a)(4)(xv); 46 CFR 11.311(a)(3)(ix); 46 CFR 11.313(a)(3)(ix); 46 CFR 11.315(a)(3)(vi); and 46 CFR 11.319(a)(4)(ix)
  • Table A-IV/2 of the STCW Code, as amended 2010

Important Note: MITAGS-PMI GMDSS students should download the test pool (GMDSS-GOC-EL7-Oct-2012 on the right side of this page) prior to attending. This is a 100 page, 100 question exam with six questions on every page. DO NOT download GMDSS-ROC-EL7R-Oct-2012.

Note: The PMI GMDSS Course runs from Monday through Friday on both academic and lab weeks. Additional lab time will be offered on the Saturday or Sunday between the two weeks.

Note: The MITAGS GMDSS Course runs from Monday through Saturday on Week 1, and Monday through Thursday on Week 2.

Prerequisites- None.

Suggested Courses/Skills- None.

What You Will Learn

  • Equipment Overview
  • Principles of Communications
  • Distress-Urgency-Safety Communications
  • Routine Communications
  • S. A. R. and Survival Craft Equipment
  • VHF Equipment and Operations
  • Satellite Equipment and Operations
  • Maritime Safety Information
  • MF-HF Equipment and Operations
  • Equipment Testing and Maintenance
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Publications and Documents
  • Training in proper and effective use of GMDSS equipment

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PMI - Seattle, WA

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