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I am the DPA for my company, and along with two of my colleagues, attended MITAGS-PMI’s DPA training earlier this year. As a newly assigned DPA, this training provided a thorough understandinging of my duties in this essential role. Since we are a company with a very flat management structure, we felt it was important that additional people critical to our operation attend this training to gain a more complete understanding of the role and responsibilities of the DPA.." Bob Clinton, Dunlap Towing

Designated Person Ashore (DPA)

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2 Days

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One of the key barriers to having an effective Safety Management System is an unclear perception and understanding of the Designated Person Ashore’s function. With the proper training and tools, the DPA can positively effect change and bring about measurable safety improvements within their company, saving thousands if not millions of dollars.

Prerequisites-  None.

Suggested Courses/Skills- None.

What You Will Learn

This will fully prepare the participant to undertake the role, responsibilities and authority as Designated Person Ashore (DPA) in order to best assist with effective implementation, maintenance, and continual improvement of the company’s SMS.

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