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This course may be customized to incorporate company policies and procedures and / or combined with other training. It may also be taught offsite. For more information on how MITAGS-PMI can develop a “turn-key” training solutions for your organization, please call 1-866-656-5569 or e-mail"

Automatic Identification Systems Orientation (AIS-1)

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1 Days

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Course Description

This one-day seminar is designed to provide the pilots with knowledge of the technologies that make up the AIS, and to expose them to the advantages/problems associated with this equipment. The AIS portion of the course has been developed using both government and manufacturer technical data. A minimum of two hours is spent managing AIS target information in both simulated and live AIS environments

This seminar can be combined with 2-day ECDIS-ENAV for Pilots, and/or the 2-day PPNS for Pilots.

Prerequisites- Radar Observer Unlimited and ARPA.

Suggested Courses/Skills- ARPA and BRM for Pilots.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand how the AIS system works
  • Identify vessel carriage requirements
  • Understand AIS data at the user level
  • Understand shipboard AIS configurations
  • Identify the operational benefits of the system
  • Understand the limitations and cautions of the system
  • Initialize and update vessel a

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MITAGS - Linthicum Heights, MD


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