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Advanced Shiphandling (Week 1) (SHS-ADV-I-CMM)

Individual Course / Program


5 Days

Training Method

Lecture and Practical Demonstration


Transas Full Mission Ship Simulator




Basic Shiphandling

Individual Course


Part of Program


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Course Description

This course is required for all 2nd Mates upgrading to Chief Mate/Master. The Advanced Shiphandling Course is presented in two, one-week modules, CMM-SHS-ADV I and CMM-SHS-ADV II. Both weeks must be completed successfully within one year before a STCW compliant 73-Hour Advanced Shiphandling certificate of competence will be issued. The attendee will gain an understanding and proficiency in shiphandling on a Full Mission Simulator. A Basic Shiphandling course or equivalent experience through sea service is a prerequisite for this course.

Travel Note: Shiphandling courses may be scheduled for a morning or late afternoon starting time. Attendees will be assigned a starting time upon arrival at MITAGS. Plan to arrive and attend the 0755 briefing on Monday. If you are attending a shiphandling course do not make plans to depart MITAGS prior to morning following course completion.

Successfully completing both weeks satisfies the following STCW 2010 and CFR training requirements:

  • STCW 2010 Advanced Shiphandling training requirements
  • STCW 2010 Search and Rescue (Management Level) training requirements
  • 46 CFR 11.305; 46 CFR 11.307; 46 CFR 11.311; and 46 CFR 11.313; AND the specific tasks from the National Assessment Guidelines found in NVIC 10-14 and 11-14: Tasks 4.1.A, 4.1.B, 8.1.A through 9.9.B, 9.11.A through 9.17.A, 16.4.A, 16.4.B, and 16.5.B 

Prerequisites - A Basic Shiphandling course or equivalent experience through sea service is a prerequisite for this course.

Suggested Courses/Skills- ECDIS and VPEN courses.

What You Will Learn

Week 1

  • Forces, Turning and Stopping Review
  • Traffic Separation Schemes and VTS
  • Pilot Station Maneuvers
  • Restricted Waters
  • Interaction
  • Constant Rate of Turn
  • Anchoring
  • Search and Rescue
  • Action after Grounding/Refloating
  • Emergency Steering
  • Preparations for and Actions after a Collision

Week 2-  (Shiphandling Advanced II (CMM-SHS-ADV II)

  • Review Pivot Point and Transverse Thrust
  • Propulsion and Rudder Systems
  • Docking and Undocking
  • Ship and Tug Interaction
  • Anchor Use
  • Ship and Tug Interaction
  • Dry-docking
  • Maneuvering in or near ice
  • Heavy Weather

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MITAGS - Linthicum Heights, MD

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