Medical Person-In-Charge (MED-PIC)

Individual Course / Program
Course Image

Length 10 Days
Approval Bahamas Maritime Auth
Training Method Lecture, Practical Demonstration
Simulation Electronic Patient Simulators (Interactive Mannequins)
Equipment None
Pre-requisite Basic First Aid
Individual Course No
Part of Program No

Course Description

The 70-hour course (MITPMI-307) is designed to teach attendees how to administer short / long-term assessment and care of the sick or injured. The seafarers will learn the anatomy / physiology of the human body; diagnostic procedures, basic and advanced first aid techniques, CPR, automated external defibrillator (AED), and other pertinent shipboard medical issues.

This course satisfies the following:

Suggested Courses/Skills- Same as NVIC 10-14, Management of Medical Care.

What you will learn

What you should bring

The MITAGS location may include one day of clinical practice at a local hospital ER setting. Dress code for the hospital includes: collared shirt and tie for men; business attire blouse for women; slacks; and closed-toe shoes with socks. Please note: Hospital Safety Rules require students to bring proof of both Seasonal (September to May classes) Flu vaccination and a negative TB test or chest x-ray within the past 9 months. If you do not provide acceptable documentation, you will be required to get an outside negative TB test & flu vaccination on your own the first week. This is mandated by the Hospital. We are no longer able to provide them on campus.