Medical Care Provider (MED-PRO)

Individual Course / Program
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Length 5 Days
Training Method Lecture and Practical Demonstration
Simulation None
Equipment AED, Stretchers, Bandages
Pre-requisite None
Individual Course No
Part of Program No

Course Description

This 5-day course (MITPMI-310) is designed for seafarers responsible for providing immediate first aid to ship’s personnel and to assist the Ship’s Medical Person-in-Charge with providing definitive medical care. Attendees will learn and develop skills needed to recognize and assist in medical emergencies, promote the methods needed to maintain the well- being and safety of ship's personnel, conduct patient assessments and other essential ship board medical procedures.

This course is established using guidelines provided by the International Maritime Organization, Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers Code (STCW).

This course satisfies the following STCW and CFR medical training requirements:

Prerequisites- STCW- Basic First Aid

Suggested Courses/Skills- See NVIC 12-14 & 13-14. Mandatory for OICNW Qualification after 12/31/2017.

What you will learn

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