Designated Duty Engineer Unlimited Horsepower (DDE)

Individual Course / Program
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Length 20 Days
Training Method Lecture and Practice
Simulation None
Equipment None
Pre-requisite See special note below.
Individual Course No
Part of Program No

Course Description

The goal of this 20-day, 140-hour course of instruction is designed to provide training to personnel in the engine department with instruction and proficiency in motor and/or steam engineering. An attendee successfully completing the Designated Duty Engineer (DDE) program will be able to demonstrate general knowledge of the subjects, which must be sufficient to satisfy the examiner that he is qualified to perform the duties of the rating for which he/she makes application.

This course is also designed to provide entry level Engine Department personnel with the knowledge and understanding of the subjects covered in USCG QMED exams.  QMED General, Oiler, and Fireman/Watertender are covered.

DDE endorsements are issued in 3 levels of horsepower dependent upon the total service, and completion of the appropriate exam modules. They include:

Prerequisites- Minimum of 360 days as QMED or equivalent position.

Suggested Courses/Skills-See NVIC 17-14 & 18-14. DDE Unlimited HP: 1080 days with 540 days as a QMED or eqivilent position. DDE,4,000 HP: 720 days with 360 days as a QMED or eqivilent position, DDE,1,000 HP: 360 days with 180 days as a QMED or eqivilent position.

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