Cyber-Skilled Mariner (CY-MAR)

Individual Course / Program
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Length 5 Days
Training Method Lecture, Discussion, Projects
Individual Course No
Part of Program No

Course Description

This course presents a systemic approach to implementing and managing effective information security in contemporary highly networked Maritime system. Students will learn about the security challenges faced by individuals and organizations in the information age and introduces the complex and dynamic state of information assurance in cyberspace. It is intended to sensitize Maritime stakeholders to the pitfalls and dangers of doing business in a cyber-ecosystem, and to familiarize the student with various organizations and materials that can be turned to for assistance in understanding how to operate and use modern Maritime systems and networks securely with the maritime community and system vendors to the community. Shipboard and shoreside technology and management issues related to managing the elements of Cybersecurity will be addressed.

This course is also approved for Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) continuing education credits. GIAC grants approval for continuing education for certification maintenance. Attendance will count for one Continuing Professional Experience (CPE) per hour. There may be some limitations as to how many CPEs that may be counted towards for one course. Anyone interested, should check with GIAC for details at:

This course is not Eligible for the MATES Program.

What you will learn

Upon completion of this course, the students should be able to discuss with their organization's management structure, suppliers, and vendors that will:

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