Basic Shiphandling (SHS-BAS-OIC)

Individual Course / Program
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Length 5 Days
Training Method Lecture, Demonstration, and Simulation
Simulation Transas Full Mission Ship Simulator
Equipment None
Pre-requisite None
Individual Course No
Part of Program No

Course Description

This course (MITPMI-71) is required for all Able Seamen upgrading to 3rd/2nd Mate. It utilizes full mission simulation to reinforce theoretical lessons. Students practice turning circles and stopping distance in deep and shallow water, man overboard procedures and basic anchoring. Students will demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and proficiency in basic shiphandling on a Full Mission Simulator and by written test.

This course satisfies the following STCW and CFR training requirements

Prerequisites- This course is available to anyone pursuing qualifications to be in charge of a navigational watch. It is also suitable as a refresher for anyone currently operating as a qualified navigational watch keeper.

Suggested Courses/Skills- See NVIC 12-14 &13-14.

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