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USCG Assessor Training Seminar (ASSOR-TRNG)

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Course Description

The Shipboard Assessor's one-day workshop is designed to familiarize the deck officer (usually a chief mate or master) with the contents of the U.S. Coast Guard's manual "Assessor's Manual for Conducting Mariner Assessments" and techniques, procedures, and practices in conducting assessments on board ship. It prepares the attendee for acting as a shipboard assessor. 

What You Will Learn

  • The Purpose of Conducting Assessments
  • The Role of the Assessor
  • The Process of Conducting Assessments          
  • Components of an assessment
  • Preparation for assessment
  • Observation of performance
  • Determining & explaining results of assessment
  • Conducting a fair assessment
  • Dealing with individuals in a professional manner
  • Managing paperwork
  • Discussion of record-keeping
  • Specify assessment objectives
  • Determine assessment methods
  • Specify assessment conditions
  • Develop performance measures, standards, & criteria
  • Prepare assessment materials

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"Captain James Casper’s Pilot Preparation course is simply the best and most informative class I have been able to find to help me prepare for the Puget Sound Pilots exam of 2012.  Jim is an experienced captain with the Washington State Ferry System, an experienced pilot who has gone through the Puget Sound Pilot training and has put together a course that is not offered to this depth anywhere else.Jim is currently a teacher at the Pacific Maritime Institute that offers many courses including ARPA, ECDIS, Bridge Resource Management and so on.Jim’s teaching style is very calm, detailed and friendly and he will make sure that you understand everything that is being offered. "