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Tractor Tug 2-Day Course (TRAC-TUG-2)

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2 Days

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APA membership and/or qualification as a maritime ships pilot.

Individual Course


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Course Description

The two-day tractor tug course provides the same knowledge as the three-day course but has less practical training in the shiphandling simulator. The course covers a number of areas in both the classroom and on the shiphandling simulator to demonstrate the capabilities and limitations of tractors.

What You Will Learn

  • Understanding how tractors could change the operation of your port by handling larger ships, reducing environmental restrictions, or by reducing the number of tugs required to handle a certain size ship
  • Providing the knowledge to define the maneuvering mission of your port and then to choose the proper tractor to meet this standard
  • Tractor commands and standard definitions

This course may be customized to incorporate company policies and procedures and / or combined with other training.   It may also be taught offsite.  For more information on how MITAGS-PMI can develop a “turn-key” training solutions for your organization, please call 1-866-656-5569 or e-mail

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MITAGS - Linthicum Heights, MD


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