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OICNW Assessment (OICNW-Assess)

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1 Days

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Prior knowledge of subject required.

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Course Description

These are the Skills Assessments for Officer In Charge of a Navigational Watch (MITPMI-729). These assessments are completed in the simulator.

The assessments are:

OICNW-1-2A    Fix by two bearings

OICNW-1-4A    Position fix by GPS

OICNW-1-4B    Use of GPS position save function

OICNW-1-4D    Use of echo sounder

OICNW-1-6A    Steering gear test

OICNW-1-6B    Set weather controls

OICNW-2-1D    Determine risk of collision

OICNW-2-1E    Maneuver to avoid risk of collision - Meeting

OICNW-2-1F    Maneuver to avoid risk of collision - Overtaking

OICNW-2-1G   Maneuver to avoid risk of collision - Crossing

OICNW-2-2A   Watch relief

OICNW-2-2B    Keep a safe navigation watch

OICNW-2-2C    Notify Master when appropriate

OICNW-2-2D    Keep a safe anchor watch

OICNW-2-2E    Navigate in restricted visibility

OICNW-2-2F    Turn over a watch

OICNW-2-3B    Execute a voyage plan

OICNW-5-1A    Maneuver for man overboard

OICNW-5-1B    Course change of more than 45 degrees

OICNW-5-1C    Emergency stop

Students wanting only one assessment must complete the full package that contains the assessment. There will be no single, individual stand-alone assessments offered. We strongly suggest students take our full equivalent classes (list and link to our other classes) if at all in doubt of successfully completing the assessment. If a student fails any assessment in the package, they will need to take the entire package over again at full price, should they choose to try the assessment again. Because these are assessments ONLY, not classes, the standard PMI course failure policy does not apply to any of the assessment packages.

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