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License Prep Original 3rd Mate (LAP-ORG3RD)

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15 Days

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Completion of the MITAGS-PMI OICNW training is highly recommended.

Individual Course


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Course Description

This 15-day prep course offered at MITAGS is designed for able seafarers that have completed the required STCW training for "Officer In Charge of a Navigational Watch" (OICNW) and desire assistance in preparing for their USCG Third Mate Oceans or Near Coastal License Exams. The test week that follows is dependent upon each student's schedule and the REC's schedule. 

Pre-requisites-MITAGS strongly recommends that license candidates seek Coast Guard approval to sit prior to the start of LAP.  In addition, you should consider scheduling your test immediately following the course with the REC. 

The schedule generally follows TOC of Murphy Book #5Capn Joe’s list of Stability Problems

What You Will Learn

  • Review of Rules of the Road
  • Review of Latitude by Meridian Transit
  • Review of Fire Fighting
  • Review of Compass Error, Azimuths
  • Review of Running Fix of Sun, Magnetism
  • Review of Plane Sailing,Speed by RPM
  • Review of Maritime law
  • Review of Mercator Sailing,Aids to Navigation
  • Review of Great Circle Sailing,Lat by Polaris
  • Review of Stability, Ship Handling
  • Review of  Cargo handling
  • Review of Chart Plot,Sunset/ Sunrise
  • Review of Tides Currents, Weather
  • Review of  Pubs, Documents
  • Review of Deck Safety
  • Practice test/ Test Taking Skills

What You Should Bring

  • Set of dividers
  • Navigational triangles
  • Non-programmable scientific calculator. (TI-30xa or similar)

Course Dates

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MITAGS - Linthicum Heights, MD


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