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Crisis Communications (Crisis-Comms)

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Course Description

This one-day, 7-hour workshop is designed to provide the attendee with the basic knowledge, skills, and abilities for interaction with the news media during and after a crisis event. This is designed as a "hands-on" workshop. The attendee will be expected to participate in video taped mock interviews. 

Pre-requisites- This course has none.

What You Will Learn

  • Describe a communication model
  • List the goals of crisis communications
  • Describe effective communication techniques for the media 
  • Demonstrate effective communication techniques for responding to the media

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“I have to admit to not looking forward to this class as I have been through BRM and BRM-P before. I was pleasantly surprised as it became obvious that this class was going to be relevant and educational to what I actually do and deal with as a pilot. The two pilot simulations and discussion gave me an opportunity to find better use of that resource. With the addition of the other subject matters it was a very good class.”
Captain Larry Seymour,
Puget Sound Pilots