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Celestial Navigation (Operational Level) (CNAV-OIC)

Individual Course / Program


10 Days

Training Method

Lecture, Demonstration, Practical Application






Terrestrial & Coastal Navigation (TCNAV)

Individual Course


Part of Program


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Course Description

This course (MITPMI-114) is required by all Able Seamen upgrading to 500/1600/3rd Mate licenses as it satisfies the OICNW training requirements for Celestial Navigation. The course covers the most common forms of position fixing by celestial bodies. Subjects for this course include nautical astronomy, sextant, sight reductions, time of sunset, time of sunrise, and star identification.

  • This course satisfies

What You Will Learn

  • Use celestial bodies to determine the ship’s position
  • Identify and select stars
  • Determine estimated time of arrival
  • Adjust the sextant
  • Find latitude by Polaris
  • Determine the zone time of sunrise/sunset
  • Solve Parallel and Mercator sailing problems
  • Solve Great Circle and Composite Sailing problems
  • Use gnonomic charts for planning voyages
  • Nautical Astronomy
  • Sextant and Altitude Correction
  • Sight Reduction and Lines of Position (all
  • Meridian Transit (all bodies)
  • Time of Sunrise/Sunset
  • Star Identification and Selection

What You Should Bring

  • Dividers
  • Triangles
  • All practical Navigation Equipment
  • Calculator

Course Dates

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PMI - Seattle, WA


MITAGS - Linthicum Heights, MD


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"Captain James Casper’s Pilot Preparation course is simply the best and most informative class I have been able to find to help me prepare for the Puget Sound Pilots exam of 2012.  Jim is an experienced captain with the Washington State Ferry System, an experienced pilot who has gone through the Puget Sound Pilot training and has put together a course that is not offered to this depth anywhere else.Jim is currently a teacher at the Pacific Maritime Institute that offers many courses including ARPA, ECDIS, Bridge Resource Management and so on.Jim’s teaching style is very calm, detailed and friendly and he will make sure that you understand everything that is being offered. "