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Welcome to MITAGS-PMI

Thank you for visiting the Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies (MITAGS), and the Pacific Maritime Institute (PMI). MITAGS and PMI are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive theoretical and practical maritime training for today's seafarers. Navigating the USCG regulations can be a daunting process, therefore we have done our best within this website to assist you in meeting your career objectives.

Maritime Apprenticeship Programs

For individuals looking at starting your career in the Merchant Marine

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AB to Mate

For Able Seafarers looking at upgrading to Officer

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Mate to Master

For mariners looking at moving from Mate to Master or from Second Mate to Chief Mate

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In addition to above programs, MITAGS-PMI offers well over one hundred individual courses designed to mitigate risk for you, your family and your company.

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Maritime Training Programs at MITAGS-PMI

At the Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies (MITAGS) and the Pacific Maritime Institute (PMI), we provide the most comprehensive theoretical and practical maritime training programs, which are approved by the United States Coast Guard (USCG). Our maritime training schools in Maryland and Washington feature the latest technologies and techniques to deliver a set of maritime training courses that are recognized by leading regional and national employers.

STCW Courses and Training Programs

Start your career with the United States Merchant Marine through our apprenticeship training program for the maritime industry. The 28-month program features simulated scenarios and 360 days of onboard maritime training with a reputable partner company. As a prospective mariner, you will gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to serve as a Deck Officer and obtain your Mate license.

The Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) comes with our apprenticeship maritime training program. We also offer STCW courses, separate from our apprenticeship program. The Coast Guard-approved training programs are available at our maritime training schools in Washington and Maryland. They comply with USCG standards for new mariners as well as experienced mariners who must complete an STCW refresher or revalidation course.

AB to Mate Courses

Make your move from Able Seafarer (AB) to Officer with our AB to Mate maritime training courses. Following program completion, which includes optional classes for Tankerman Person-In-Charge (TPIC) and Medical Person-In-Charge (Med-PIC), you can begin the process of applying and attaining your STCW Officer In Charge of a Navigation Watch (OICNW) and USCG Third Mate Oceans or Near Coastal License.

Chief Mate to Master Courses

Join our maritime training school and prepare for your promotion from Mate to Master or Second Mate to Chief Mate. Over the course of 13 weeks, our Mate to Master program and its optional courses will provide you with the skills and confidence to become a mariner at the management level. Demonstrative of the success of this maritime training program is that of our graduates, we have readied more Mate and Second Mates than any other school in the U.S.

Tug and Barge

Become a qualified mariner of the tug and barge industry through our Tug and Barge courses. We deliver operator training for AB, Mate of Towing Vessels, Master of Towing Vessels and Person-In-Charge of Tanker or Barge Operations through a comprehensive and customizable course list that is available at our maritime training schools in Maryland and Washington. Need additional resources? Learn more about Subchapter M

State Pilots

Trust MITAGS-PMI, the leading provider of U.S. State Pilot Training, for standard and customized maritime training courses in this sector. As a part of our state pilot services, we deliver in-depth simulations for operational research, channel construction, berthing processes and more.

Simulation Capabilities

A universal feature among our maritime training programs and research services is the use of advanced simulation technology. Our maritime training schools in Washington and Maryland operate state-of-the-art technology, including a Bridge Tug Simulator and Full-Mission Bridge and Ship Simulators. As a result, we can provide realistic training opportunities and research results.

Enroll in a Maritime Training Course Near You

As a respected provider of award-winning maritime training courses, MITAGS-PMI is a trusted choice for anticipated and experienced mariners. Our maritime training school in Washington, as well as Maryland, offer hands-on training with the newest technologies and access to skilled mariners with decades of experience. As well, our more than 40 years of expertise lets us connect you with regional and national maritime employers seeking exceptional candidates.

Enroll in a MITAGS-PMI training program near you today, or contact us for more information on our United States Coast Guard-approved training programs.

If you are not sure as to what programs you are required to take, we offer our STCW Regulatory Update Guide or Contact Us today.