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STCW 95 Chief Mate to Master Program


This STCW-95 training program is designed for the experienced mariner who wants to upgrade to Chief Mate / Master’s level. This program offers all the requirements for the mate to upgrade, including most of the required practical assessments of skills. The courses required for this upgrade are outlined below.  Please note that the Pacific Maritime Institute offerings are limited to Advanced Navigation, Advanced Shiphandling, and ECDIS.

The CMM program is twelve weeks (60 days) of formal training that provides the knowledge, skills and confidence to take on the duties and responsibilities of a Chief Mate and Master.  The courses are constantly updated and taught by highly experienced instructors. Where applicable, advanced simulation is incorporated into the courses.  MITAGS has prepared more deck officers to move up to the management level than any school in the United States.

Although not part of the program, many students also enroll in optional courses such as  Flashing Light, Radar Renewal, License Preparation, and Medical Person In Charge.

Use the jump list  below to access more details on each require CMM Course.  All  courses within the program use the prefix "CMM."  To enroll, please go to the Schedule and Registration Page.

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The following downloads will also provide additional information:

MITAGS CMM Course Descriptions

MITAGS 2013 CMM Price List

MITAGS 2013 Chief Mate - Master Schedule

MITAGS 2014 Chief Mate - Master Schedule


Onboard Assessments

NMC Policy 04-02 requires 53 formal CMM assessments.  39 are contained within the MITAGS Courses with the balance to be performed at sea.  Please have your chief mate or captain sign off on these assessments.  The CMM Assessments Not Incorporated into the MITAGS CMM Courses provides instructions and control sheets for the onboard assessments.  The Coast Guard Guide for Conducting Onboard Assements  will explain how to conduct the assessments. Please note that MITAGS can make arrangements to complete any missing shipboard assessments shore-side if required.

Eligible students may also access Veterans Benefits for CMM Courses, and College Credits at the American Public University.

Captain Al,

The classes at MITAGS were long and time consuming, however the seeds that were planted have proven useful in my job. Not long after receiving my license, I was promoted to Chief Mate aboard my ship. It was rather sudden and with no introduction, other than the common knowledge I had acquired. The stability portion of my curriculum has come in handy, as I have built excel spreadsheet formulas from our classroom activity and use them to verify data. In reflection of my past tours at MITAGS, I can honestly say that I did not see the full benefits I was obtaining. Thus after my first tour as Chief Mate, I want to say "thank you" for your professional dedication in which I have pulled confidence upon.   John Bilich, Alumni, Chief Mate / Master Program”  JayJohn Bilich, Alumni, Chief Mate / Master Program

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